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MUV interactive – control any content with the tip of your finger

MUV Interactive designs and develops state-of-the-art unified technology solutions for human interaction with any displayed media sources. Our unique innovation presents a new approach to integrating technologies such as optics and RF communications, merged together with complex software algorithms to give birth to an entire world of interactivity: touch, remote gestures, mouse functionality and voice interaction.
All within a single converged system.
All in the tip of your finger.

In short:
We turn any surface into a touch screen. And that's just the starting point.

MUV (short) history

MUV started as a true garage company in 2010, and moved to its Herzliya office in 2012. With very limited initial funding (Friends & Family and Tnufa Program) we've developed the solution and made it to a fully working product prototype, and today we are a team of 5 dedicated professionals.
MUV has patented (pending) its proprietary core technology with Israel's leading Reinhold Cohn & co patent attorneys.

MUV Vision

The world is moving towards interaction through touch. We touch smartphones. We touch tablets. We get creative when we touch.
MUV indeed believes touch is the best method of interaction. Touch should be available here and now.
MUV vision is to enable people interact with content just as it is being displayed on any surface, any material, anywhere.

MUV Solution

The MUV solution combines a small finger attached device and a sensor into an innovative interaction solution. The user can interact with displayed images through physical touching of the display area or just hovering over the surface – having accurate control with mouse or stylus-like sensitivity. Further interaction methods provided include remote gestures, virtual remote touch and voice control from anywhere in the room.

MUV Target market

our first marketMUV technology is perfectly suited for presentation and projection environments, SmartTV and smart living rooms. We have chosen the projection market as the first target for realization of our vision.

We bring state of the art interactivity to any projector and to any projection surface.

MUV advantages for the Interactive Projection market:

  • Supports both touch and remote interaction (combined with mouse like functionality, finger slide with position and pressure sensing)
  • Pixel point accuracy with up to 20 meters cover-range
  • Uniquely supports depth sensing
  • Enables full social interaction – several users can concurrently interact with the display, with clear device identification
  • Supports all screen sizes with no limit (compared to max 80" interactive projectors)
  • Works with any projector brand, suitable for the entire projector install base

As a result, MUV innovative architecture opens new opportunities for interactive abilities based on depth recognition, 6 degrees of freedom, social interaction, remote multitouch and more.

The Team

Rami Parham

Rami Parham

Founder, CEO

MUV’s founder and CEO is an expert at the interactive technologies arena and has years of experience in software design and development. Rami holds a B.Sc. with honors in industrial engineering from the Technion – Israel's institute of technology, and was most recently the manager and developer of the inter-organizational data systems at Systematics, Inc.

Jonatan Ary

Jonatan Ary

Co Founder, VP R & D

MUV's co-founder and VP R&D has more than 10 years of experience as a developer, team leader and system architect, dealing with diverse platforms including web, mobile applications, systems integration, social platforms and more, especially excelling with creating the most innovative user experience in all of the above. Jonatan holds a B.A in Computer Science from the Interdisciplinary Center and was most recently the CTO of Moblin.

Yuval Ben-Zeev

Yuval Ben-Zeev

Co Founder, VP S & M / COO

MUV's co-Founder and VP Sales & Marketing has been leading high-tech sales, marketing and business activities in a variety of technology companies for over 20 years. His latest roles include CEO of Autofont, CEO & Founder of BrightCom Technologies, General Manager of wireless division at Flextronics and CEO/co-founder of Tomotronics. Prior to that, Yuval held VP Sales and Marketing positions in Voltaire, Libit Signal Processing and SCP Systems. Yuval formerly held engineering positions at National Semiconductor, ENST, and in an elite R&D unit of the Israeli Air Force. He holds an MBA cum-laude and BSEE summa cum laude from Tel Aviv University.

Dan Star

Dan Star

Business Development & Investments

MUV's business director has Over 25 years’ experience in global business, including technology ventures in Europe, US and Latin America. Dan was an investment manager at Intel Capital in Israel and Europe, responsible for company building as part of the Intel Innovation Center Seed Fund.

Robert Parham

Robert Parham

Co Founder, Technology Advisor

MUV’s co-founder was an Officer in the IDF’s main technological unit, in diverse roles ranging from project management to twice commanding the IDF’s top computer course – ARAM.
Robert has earned a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Computer Science from the Technion as a member of the Technion’s elite excellence program, as well as an MBA from the University of Tel-Aviv. As a project manager with Microsoft, Robert oversaw the development process of one of Microsoft’s core security products. Later, as a Product Manager with IBM, Robert was part of the core corporate marketing team for a $600M B2B product.


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