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bird™ is an innovative wearable device which aggregates the entire spectrum of interactive methods into a ring-like accessory, comfortably worn on the index finger. With bird, the entire room transforms into a 3D interactive workspace: the user can interact with displayed images on any surface as if it were a touch screen, with accurate control and unparalleled sensitivity. Further interaction abilities include Remote Touch, Hovering, Depth Sensing, Gesture control and even mouse functionality.

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Interfacing The Future

The Sphere™ turns our surroundings into smart surfaces, letting us naturally interact with digital content. Imagine answering a phone call by tapping on the fridge door. Imagine watching TV as it is projected on whatever surface you are facing. Why limit user experience to screens? The Sphere™ unleashes digital content that we are used to seeing only on screens and allows people to access it on any surface in the room. Sphere senses the users location and displays the content near them. It interacts through touch, voice and motion. This revolutionary product marks a new dawn for augmented living and IoT applications.

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